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The Dolphin's Promise

The Dolphins' Promise

"As a team we unite for the benefit, the growth, the love of this dear Earth. This star of wondrous beauty and deep hurt. We know her pain. We know her longing to be free. To give and give, forever give and share her treasures with all who touch her heart. Who breathe her air. Who walk her lands and swim her seas. This Earth Mother longs to give only joy and beauty and perfection. But first she must recover from her wounds. She has been sore, abused and near to death. And then she must recuperate a while until she shall shine forth in the full glory, the full brilliance of her Radiant form. And we shall stay with her and see her through. On land and sea, the dolphin ones will stay in numbers sufficient to anchor firmly in her depths the new vibrations, the holy light, the song the New Age sings." --   Channelled by Sananjaleen
Copyright, 2000

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