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Miscellaneous Musings

Channeling About the Internet

Q Hi Mother and Father, please will you tell me about the internet and its effects on this healing myself and others are trying to achieve?

A "Of course, what do you wish to know?

Q Well everything really - especially the things I've feared about the light and predatory energies. The things I've had visions about and asked on the inside. Please, just tell me the things I need to know.

A "First of all, the light from the internet creates a problem. This partly because the quality and frequency can change so quickly. You can be open to receiving loving response and before you know it you are receiving rage or hating blame. You do not have time to feel into whether you are truly open to receiving these things at the time, they are just pounded into you.

It is a very "hi tech" pounding - ruthlessly accurate like a laser.

Internet light is manufactured light. In some ways it bears a similar relation to Our light as manufactured, chemical drugs bear to naturally occurring plants with the same medicinal qualities.

It is much harder for Body to process and clear this light, this is NOT the sort of light your energy systems are really designed to receive - it is strong and heartless. Heart connections can be formed over the internet, however, and the strength of these connections minimizes potential damage considerably.

The light has has a slightly mesmeric effect and in large doses is increasingly numbing and addictive. (also like a drug in some ways). Often the result is that people using the internet for healing cease to be fully present in Body in the First Attention where the healing is so needed. They begin to need to give and receive "orchestrated" triggers of increasing intensity in the virtual space to feel anything at all. Real-life triggers, the healing opportunities We create in you that you may move, express and change what needs to be, become irritations or are even overlooked as your awareness becomes solely focused on your virtual processes.

By it's very nature the internet iis a denial both of the Mother's powers and also of Body's. It can increase the gap between Spirit and Body, denying Body's input as unnecessary even in romantic relationships - you yourself have experience of this.

The Body/Spirit gap is one that MUST heal.

When it comes to the Will, parts of your Will are light -starved and will open to any light whilst other parts of your Will are terrified of or enraged by the presence of light and will break off rather than be forced to experience the light.

This is one way that the internet causes fragmentation in Will essence.

There are some very dark, light-starved energies which have been drawn to and are using the light of the internet. They use the gaps that the net helps create and maintain to gain entrance, then prey on the Wills and Bodies of those using the net. Whilst currently in a less dense and virtual form, it is true that some of these energies are seeking full First Attention self-actualization, the internet is just one way they are trying to achieve this.

A person practising ruow will often be more open to feeling terror than the average human at this time. Therefore, energies which wish to terrify or which feed off terror will detect an opening here.

When the very Will polarized find themselves feeling drained after internet use, this can be because their Will's and bodies have quite literally been predated on.

This light does in places have its own intelligence and will strike at the most vulnerable parts of both Will and Body, embedding itself therein. Asuras, Lucifer and other denials use both the net and its users to reach that which they wish to deny and destroy.

All these risks are minimized in direct relation to the amount of Heart presence in any given situation between any given individuals. Whilst the sharing of information, feelings and experiences over the internet can be extremely helpful to many and can help to increase Heart presence, direct, online "processing" is not ever really advisable because of the lack of physical context and the hidden, fragmentation that can be occurring in the Will. Process has to involve Body to be truly complete and for all gaps to close.

Attempting to process this way is where gaps can open with such extreme rapidity, that unloving light can strike the Will before either the giver or the receiver really knows what is going on there. Bad light travelling this web that you have created around the Earth is able to penertate so deeply because of its great speed. It doesn't stop at your monitor - it stops in you. Finding the parts of you it wants."

Q Thank-you. This feels scary though, like I shouldn't use the internet at all. I have no-one in my First Attention life at the moment who practises ruow and I do feel Dependent on some internet relation with people.

A There are ways to use this tool both safely and lovingly - you do not have to give up your friends and the love you have found here, provided you follow certain guidelines.

Q Will you tell me how, please?

A Of course. But next time. You are very tired now. Go rest!

Q I will. Thank-you Mother, thank-you Spirit. I love you.

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