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The Gathering Place is a unique emotional healing-based forum where we hope to support each other in our live, in-body processes.

The imagery behind this particular healing gathering springs from my story The Gathering. You may want to read the first part of this story which is online just to get a feel for what my desire for this gathering is. Understanding of course that not being together in body puts large limitations on our ability to process together.

We do have a few guidelines. If you feel alignment with the guidelines stated below, press the "Agree" button. Otherwise, just press "Cancel".


  1. Since this is a private forum, we request that the url not be broadcast on any other list or forum. Feel free to invite your friends here individually.
  2. We ask that new people announce themselves - just a short post saying hi, and who invited you would be nice. Again, since this is a small, private forum, we ask this as a courtesy to others.
  3. If, after getting a feel of the Place and reading some threads, you decide it's not right place for you, please send email to the forum administrator ( to have your account removed. This courtesy ensures that we don't have unused coathooks with people's names on them.
  • You are welcome to open topics at will and talk about anything you want. However -- We start with the basic premise that we are all of good intent, and are working on our own stuff as fast as we can. So we ask that fingerpointing and accusations be kept to a minimum.
  • We are attempting to hold open space here for BOTH rage processing and heart processing. In an attempt to prevent people's sensitive parts from getting unnecessarily reconditioned or damaged, we ask that:
    1. Spewing or raging or blaming be taken to the Processing Area, where you may feel free to say whatever you wish without judgment or restraint, with the understanding that you are processing, or
    2. Continue posting within a thread, if the thread is relevant to your trigger, but leave a warning and some white space at the top of your post so the person(s) involved can prepare themselves. If need be, your rage can type first so as to not lose the essence of its message, and then go back afterwards and put in the warning and whitespace, prior to posting.

    This consideration for each other will help, we hope, to minimize the potential damage that can be done by the lack of physical warning cues inherent in email process, (e.g. people are talking and someone has a sudden trigger out of the blue and verbally blaming rages without warning at the trigger, who never saw it coming). Some feel that this is a way to heal the effects of the Smack, and maybe that's true. But that's not the purpose of this particular forum. There are places on the web (see below for links) which may be better to obtain triggers on that particular issue. The intent that led to the opening of The Gathering Place is interpersonal support for everybody's embodied process.

These are steps we have agreed to take to guard birthing hearts, and avoid some of the inherent pitfalls unique to the medium. If these guidelines feel like a denial to your will, and/or they don't work for you for whatever reason(s), you may want to check out the following links for classic ruow email forum processing, i.e. rooms that contains few or no boundaries or guidelines:

Forum: Yahoo RUOW Group
Forum: RUOW Folx Tribe
Public RUOW Email list: To join, send email to (, putting in the body
this text:
subscribe ruow

Thank You,
Abathyr, Forum Admin

Oh yeah, one more thing... cookies must be turned on in your browser to participate as a user in these forums. Cookies are used here to hold your username and password and viewing options, allowing you to login.

If you agree with all of the above, press the "Agree" button below, otherwise press "Cancel".

If you have any questions about this privacy statement or the use of these forums, you can contact the forum administrator at:

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