cyQuest, searching for wholeness
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Personal Sharings
Healing Fragmentation / The Journey Toward Wholeness


The coming back together of many splintered parts.

Remembering ALL that we are.

There is no ONE truth here.

There is interpretation.
There is sharing.
There is process, as we move toward wholeness.

The form of this healing is a circle. Linear thinking has been the form of healing in the past. That was the old way. No one sits at the head of this healing.

The language of this healing is feelings and images. As with dreams, the imagery and language the subconscious (denied Will) uses to speak to us is unique to each of us. Imagery will come through as our conscious mind can understand and accept at any given time. And our conscious mind will then interpret the feelings and imagery into words.

The words are only an approximation of our inner experience.

Do not judge the form of these stories and memories.

We are remembering who we are.
We are remembering what happened to us, and around us.
We are allowing each part to cry and tell what they experienced. And each point of view is valid, even though it may seem we are telling radically different stories.

What is offered here is a place for our many fragments to tell their stories. Each memory, each experience fills an important space in the puzzle that we are forming.

By sharing our memories, we can help eachother remember. We can help eachother heal.
The form of this healing is a circle Since each of us has - and IS - an important piece of the puzzle, no one of us can find wholeness alone. And no one of us can claim the position of most wise, or most healed, or most parental. Hence the form, a circle, where all who gather are equal, where each member has an important place, a unique contribution, a space that can only be filled by their special essence.

Join us as we gather in the healing Circle.

As you read what is shared here, some imagery may call to you more than others. Do not cast these images and memories in literal stone. Let the feelings they stir in you rise up. Let yourself feel your own response. Buried in your feelings are your OWN memories. Find them. Share them. Let the puzzle of who we are be solved. Let the mysterious blank spaces be filled with knowing and love. Let all that was missing be brought home to loving light.

We Remember Our Past.
We Share Our Stories.
We Feel Our Pain.

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