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The Library - Fiction and Poetry for the Heart

By Nathan Glazier


Softest Heart yields so easily,
to the cold knife of hatred.
Feel my heart beating steadily
Hold me in your arms

Forever, I need you to be mine
And never to say goodbye.

Softest touch on my skin makes me feel
so alive.
Softest touch that I return to you,
Let us keep it alive.
Fleeting dreams that spring forth from the mind
Must return to Body
And deepest streams flowing to the ocean
Shall return
Forever, I need you to be mine
and never to say goodbye

And these words that I say to you are true,
though they can't convey the way I feel
And though my boat is adrift on a torrent sea
I still know that you wait for me.

Keep me warm, keep me close to you,
and I will cool your fire.
Where I belong is right next to you safely in your arms
Forever, I need you by my side,
and never to say goodbye.
Venus joy, heals the salt of the earth, and consumes my body...
And the story is ever unfolding and goes on...

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