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The Library - Fiction for the Heart

Kali Rising
(My Inner Man's Fear Of My Inner Woman)
By Andro-Gyne


fire breathing woman with eyes that singe and a flamethrower cunt
emasculating woman, defeminated herself, tired of living against the wall,
angry enough to make me crawl, willing to burn the ground i walk upon

she is angry, woman is angry, needs no reason

love her, hate her, seduce her, blame her,
lead her, follow her, try not to be swallowed by her,
she's got a meatgrinder cunt that would chew me right off,
and who would blame her?

titilate her, rape her, respect her, mutilate her,
my slave, my master, all the same,
how long do i want to play this fucking game?

kill her, destroy her,
end my paranoia, that she is out to get me,
can't let her be a threat to me

placate her, bait her, no need to try and hate her,
she'll do it for me, she's well trained

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