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The Mythical Kingdoms of Planet Earth

By Marilyn Brookman

Chapter One: Who We Really Are

WORSHIP: an act of religious devotion; religious homage or veneration; extreme devotion or intense love of any kind; to adore or idolize.

You are alive. And because you are alive, the space you occupy is Sacred Space. You stand in a holy place. There is no space in the universe that is more sacred than the space you occupy. There is no person or entity in the universe that is more holy than you are. There is no entity, no spirit, no soul, no will that is more sacred than you are.

We - most of us - do not know this, do not remember our own divine nature. And yet we long for the sacred, which is our natural state. And so we look to others for the sacred, we fall into various states of worship for what we judge to be sacred outside ourselves.

This puts us all automatically into a state of imbalance. And our internal imbalance bleeds out into the Mythical Kingdoms we create. They cannot help but be unreal and out of balance.

That being true . . . it is important to figure out how to be who we truly are. We must remember who we truly are, and we must learn to worship within.