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The Mythical Kingdoms of Planet Earth

By Marilyn Brookman

Chapter Ten: Our Holy Process

A Holy Process is one that takes you back to God. Not back to God in a mythical, fairy-tale sense, but in reality. To understand why our Holy Process works, one must face the truth about the separation between God and Us. (and if this does not apply to you, move on.)

To face this truth, we will look at the separation itself.

As we look at what (and who) caused this separation, you will feel anger stirring within you, natural anger at the injustice of what has been to you. This anger is righteous and needs to be brought forward and felt. But you need to move this anger through the Holy Process. Don't hold onto it or focus only on the past, because that would lead to judgments, blame, recriminations, guilt and hate, and this would lead us down a different path. Our path now is healing toward our own Divinity.

The path I suggest is to tackle the separation itself, the gap that exists, the wall that has been raised, the backs that have been turned, creating the vast distance between God, our Divine parent parts, and ourselves.

To do this we need a tool that will allow us to go from where are ARE, to where we want to be.

This tool is Our Holy Process because its intent is reconciliation. It can and will bring reconciliation

  • between Divinity remembered and Divinity forgotten
  • between all the peoples of the Mythical Kingdoms of Planet Earth
  • between victims and victimizers
  • between conscious and unconscious
  • between spirit, soul and body
  • between God the Father and the Great Mother
  • between God and each of us

This Holy Process comes from the Great Mother and, like her, works in the now. But its most magical property is that it unravels all the unreleased, unexpressed, frozen emotions that have become infected and cause our disease. These painful emotions - which everyone has (including God and the Great Mother) - are the open sores that cause our separation. It is these sores that the Holy Process will heal.

How does the Holy Process work?

  1. I place my consciousness where there is pain. To find my pain, I scan the horizon of myself. My pain is not very far below the surface of my life, but it IS outside my normal area of consciousness.
  2. I stop scanning when I find pain. The pain may be sadness, grief, anger, rage, fear or terror, or perhaps a jumble of many emotions at once. Surrounding the pain may be judgments which cause shame or guilt, but I do not linger on the judgments, for they cause my pain to increase and the gap of separation to widen.
  3. I focus on the pain and accept it.
  4. My pain gravitates to my consciousness to "tell" it's story. I embrace my pain and allow the tears to flow. The tears bring healing. My pain, my sores, my isolation all flow away from me along with my blessed tears, and wholeness returns.
  5. Unfortunately, all my pain does not go away at once. There have been eons of being hurt without the benefit of Blessed Tears. I have much to find, embrace, and release.