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The Mythical Kingdoms of Planet Earth

By Marilyn Brookman

Chapter Eleven: False Magic vs. Real Magic

There is no real magic in the Mythical Kingdoms of Planet Earth. There is only false magic.

If the only reality you give your children is the reality of this world, and the belief that the successes of this world are important, you will make them crazy. That includes the belief that someone else can save us.

Belief that someone else can save us is believing in false magic.

We are in a hole, covered with mud. To get out we must crawl up, by our own hands and feet and fingernails and teeth, if need be. If you see magic, it is done for show, to keep you believing in it so you won't work at getting out of the hole. False magic bedazzles and sucks away the power we each have to save ourselves. False magic dangles its perrenial carrot, and will spend your time waiting and wishing for magic.

Once we are up and out of the hole enough so we can see, then WE will be able to re-arrange our lives and our environment to suit us. But it will not be false magic, it will be real.

Our patterns are our prison. The only way out of this place is to say NO to the patterns and then cry whatever comes up. We don't need to do this every minute, but we need to do it often, and for as long as it takes, until we get tears. Until we cry the pain that drives the patterns and helps to keep them in place, we cannot be free of our prison.

The real goal then, is to say NO to every pattern we have. The purpose of this goal is to free ourselves from the prison we are in so we can be who we really are - a part of the Divine Universe.

There is help for us, however. And it is real help! It comes from God and the Great Mother. It comes in many forms - we don't often recognize it, but it is there. Our ability to recognize and accept the help also depends on our crying. The patterns keep us in the hole. They keep us blind and crippled. They keep us weak and frail and hurting. They keep us down, imprisoned and hopeless.

The real magic lies within our selves. We do have the power and the ability to remove the bars of our prison.

The reason we prefer false magic is because it requires no effort on our part. We long for someone to save us. And this is understandable. We are tired of fighting this losing battle. We are weary, and in deep pain. We are heartsick and afraid all the time. We want any state where there is an absence of pain: death, coma, deep sleep, a state of hypnosis, a dream.

But if you listen carefully, you can hear the bells ringing, calling us to hope. Calling us to awaken to the new reality. It IS possible to save ourselves, and to change the darkness of the Mythical Kingdoms of Planet Earth. To save ourselves, we must merely cry. And keep crying. And cry some more. And then, where the tears have been shed, in each tiny place within us, there is an absence of pain. However small the place, it is real. To keep these tiny spaces within us safe from new hurts (since we live in the Mythical Kingdoms where lies abound and hurting others is a way of life), we must surround them with God's light and the Mother's love. Once we have cried and invited them in, these two powerful energies will fill the little spaces with love and light, and keep the parts of us that reside there free.

This is important, because it is not only possible that these free spaces be bombarded with new hurts from every day life in the Mythical Kingdoms, but it's also a very real possibility that we might fall back into old behaviors and beliefs that we have been accustomed to. The parts of us that we set free through our crying must be kept free. Until our patterns have been completely healed and removed, and we can stand up and walk and be our true selves, we need God and the Great Mother's help and protection.

Beware and be aware. Both within and without, you will be told that crying is stupid, a waste of time and potentially dangerous. You will be told that if you believe and participate in the Holy Process, you will be punished and you will hurt even more. This is an old tool that tyrants use to keep their subjects imprisoned. Your own fear and pain is used against you to create beliefs that chain you as securely as any physical bondage.

The real magic though, is that we can cry this fear also. But often the fear of the tyrant must be cried in secret, in hiding, in small groups, in the shower, away from the eyes of the tyrant. Seek out others who cry and support them, support each other.