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The Mythical Kingdoms of Planet Earth

By Marilyn Brookman

Chapter Twelve: Free to Be Interdependent

Once you abandon the search for and belief in false magic, you open the door to finding true magic and healing within yourself. You become parental to your life. You hold the magic within your hands.

This is a marvelously good thing.

If we must be saved in order to get free of the Mythical Kingdoms of Planet Earth, then the conclusion must be that we cannot take care of ourselves. And who would want to live, forever dependent on someone else for the things one needs to live?

One of the worst lies perpetuated in the religions of the Mythical Kingdom is that we are all dependent on God and God's will, and in order to be safe and saved, we must submit ourselves to his will.

But it is more acceptable if I understand that I am only a part - a small piece - of the whole of me.

We actually have quite a lot of power. We have the power to save ourselves. But there is a caveat. We have the power to move ourselves from one place to another, from one state of mind to another, from one kind of experience to another. But that same power can hold us where we are, can continue to create the reality that we are stuck in, if we let it. The bright lights and colors of the Mythical Kingdoms are the hypnotic lies that keep our power turned against ourselves, and keep us from knowing that we even have this power.

Think of the ramifications of this fact.

  • We are not really dependent on a benevolent or a rageful God
  • We are able to take care of ourselves
  • We are (for all intents and purposes) independent

Being dependent (and out of balance) makes us angry, resentful, mean, cross. Feeling powerless and impotent makes us feel valuable only as a subservient or slave. Relying on false magic and believing that we are powerless are at the root of the rampantly destructive co-dependence in nearly every relationship in the Mythical Kingdoms of Planet Earth.

Our natural state is interdependent, and we are happiest in this kind of joining, which is reflective of the Holy Union. In order to gain the Holy Union, we must know our own divinity, and our own power. We must eliminate our addiction to false magic, and put our hands back on the wheel.

Only by becoming independent are we free to become truly INTERDEPENDENT.