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The Mythical Kingdoms of Planet Earth

By Marilyn Brookman

Chapter Two: The First Step to Salvation

Although living in the Mythical Kingdoms of Planet Earth has certain charms, it is time to leave these illusionary realities behind. We must create a new reality, founded on our combined truth, a life-affirming reality.

Our Earth cannot support our death-living here much longer. We are severed from Earth by the Kingdoms we have built, and therefore, we live in constant conflict with her. She needs to be free of the burden of our life style; our waste and garbage and our noxious fumes; our buildings and the miles and miles of cement that we have spread over her and which encases her like a prison; our fear which makes us spew out hatred for each other in the form of killing, maiming, torture and war; and weapons that have harmed her and will kill her if we go on. All these things have made her ill unto death, and she must purge herself of all that we have done to her if she is to live.

And we must return to our natural state.

Our first step is to call for help. We are in charge of our own salvation, but we do not have to save ourselves without help. That help comes from our Parent self.

You are part of a cosmic life, and are still connected to your divinity. You are a piece of one of the Gods:

  • God the Father, who sits at the head of the realm of spirit
  • The Great Golden Mother, who sits at the head of the realm of soul
  • A fragment of Father or Mother's core, heart, or body
  • The Children - who are the many manifested forms of Father & Mother's union

All are Divine.

Our parent selves cannot manifest here, we vibrate too slowly. We are too dense and have moved too much into frozen states. And the true cause of this is our pain: unmoved and unexpressed pain. But our parent selves can help. If we ask, they can guide our way out of this maze we are in called the Mythical Kingdoms of Planet Earth. And they can visit us, both inside our bodies and out. They are hovering even now, all around us, waiting to help.

As we release and heal our old frozen pain - both physical and emotional - we free ourselves up to vibrate faster. But it cannot happen all at once. Each hurt must be tended to, each little part of ourselves cleared of pain and then offered up to our parent self. Our parent self then keeps our parts safe and we are encouraged and helped to vibrate faster.

We can't do this alone, but no one can do our part for us either. And with courage and perseverance we will win our way back to our natural state.

We are not stuck here because we are bad or stupid or depraved or willful. We are stuck here because we are the parts of our Divine selves that FEEL. In the process of rejected feelings that our Divine selves did not want to have, they rejected their Parts That Feel: us. We who live and have created the Mythical Kingdoms of Planet Earth are the parts of the Divine that feel.

Our parent selves now know that they made a mistake. A rather large mistake. Feelings are not bad and we who are the Parts That Feel are not bad. We are a vital part of a living whole. Without us, the living will end. We must be included in order for the Divine to be a fully functioning self. So now we are wanted and needed. Our Universe cannot be whole and healthy until The Parts That Feel, who are now living in the Mythical Kingdoms of Planet Earth, are returned to our divine state and are back home in our right place with our parent selves.