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The Mythical Kingdoms of Planet Earth

By Marilyn Brookman

Chapter Three: The Golden Mother

If we choose to believe in our divinity and claim it, rather than believe in the myths we have built here, then we have help. Actually help is available no matter what we believe. But our beliefs can hamper our ability to SEE the helping hand that is reaching out to us every minute.

The Golden Mother, who might also be called the Mother of Manifestation, is here on earth to help our bodies. Our molecular structure is different here on planet Earth. Our DNA has been altered. I have talked of our divinity, but we cannot actually claim our divinity without help. And the first help is to change our physical cells. The Golden Mother has the power to do this, but we must ask her. She can abide within you, expand your DNA, prepare your cells so they are ready for the next step.

This will not be done in a flash of lightning. If it was done too quickly, your body would die of shock. Blockages would cause heart attacks and diseases to erupt. So, the Golden Mother will help you slowly, gently, and carefully.

You can stop her if you choose. We so easily slide back into the lies of the Mythical Kingdoms of Planet Earth and forget our divinity and our birthright. We watch TV and play games and have sex and forget who we are and that the greatest experiences ever known are waiting for us, just beyond the veil.

To stop the slide, we must ask the Golden Mother every day, often, to abide in us and help us. We need to relax and let her do her work. She will help loosen those places in us where we have frozen and calcified. She will not cause pain, but she will gently touch the pain which you carry (which is like a gooey, sludgy glue, and which holds you in this place). You will feel your pain when she touches you there. You must feel it, and you must cry it, and she will stay with you while you cry, holding you in love and comfort. When the gooey sludge is healed, then your cells can be made ready.