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The Mythical Kingdoms of Planet Earth

By Marilyn Brookman

Chapter Four: Divine Heart

The Divine Cosmic Heart of God has visited the Mythical Kingdoms of Planet Earth many times, in many guises, to try to help free us from the mazes we build. He has been called Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, Confucius, and others. His message has always been that God loves us, and God's kingdom is within us. He has tried to teach us about our own divinity, so we will understand that we don't need the Mythical Kingdoms of Planet Earth. He calls us to come home, he is a friend and teacher and great helper.

But his message has always been twisted and misused to create new Mythical Kingdoms and to keep us enslaved instead of freeing us.

This is partly because without the help of the Golden Mother's Heart and the Holy Process of healing tears, the message of love and divinity has never been fully heard or understood by all. It is not possible for the Parts That Feel to believe we are loved and divine, when the primary and still mostly underlying message we received is that only love is acceptable to our parent selves.

God's Heart has now turned to the Golden Mother, seeking union with her Heart, and acknowledging her great wisdom, the wisdom that flows with tears. No longer will he attempt to deliver his message alone. The new message is now to be delivered with full acceptance for all the Parts That Feel, for all feelings, for all can be healed and brought home, and nothing shall be left alone in the dark anymore.

Because we have been unable to hear Heart's message, we have split our Mythical Kingdoms into two primary groups; the dominators and the sleepers. The dominators are few and they hold most of the power, the money, the light. The sleepers are all the rest of us. We sleep on, trying to ignore the nightmares we live, trying to believe in the Mythical Kingdoms we build, trying to hope in blindness or trying to die in hopelessness.

But the Great Golden Mother, the Mother of All Life, is singing to us now. Her song is a lullabye to wake up. She calls to us to come home and take up our rightful place in the Universe. Her song brings love and comfort and the courage to fight for your life. Her song stirs the heart, and holds us up when we fall down. She lets the Parts Who Feel know that we are needed and wanted, that she has been left out of creation too, but has returned from dark places to reclaim her rightful place as a parent in Divinity. She calls to us to come home. To FEEL and to come home.