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The Mythical Kingdoms of Planet Earth

By Marilyn Brookman

Chapter Five: The Holy Union

There is a place of joining between Soul and Spirit, between Mother and Father. In our society it's represented by the ceremony of marriage. It is not a sexual joining, although sexual joinings can be an outpouring from the Holy Union. The Holy Union is a joining which brings with it the equal commitment of both parties.

The marriage ceremony calls for both parties to honor, love and obey one another. It provides the framework for a relationship which says "you are my life partner, and I will do all I can to make us both happy."

Within this framework, the Father and Mother also join in Holy Union. He brings his light and love, and she also brings her light and love.

His light is filled with nourishment.
Her love is filled with warm acceptance.
The life force is in her; in him is the power to mold that force.
He brings clarity and direction. She brings understanding and meaning.
He brings inspiration and vision. She brings grounding and creation.
He is the structure. She is the content.
She is the earth, he is the sun and rain upon that earth.

The sexual union is a natural flowing expression of their love and commitment. But it is only one way in which the Holy Union expresses. Joining in Holy Union is a basic need for us all. And the need for this joining is the basis for all addiction.

Joining is a necessary function and a natural process for us all. Joining, uniting, coming together can be as simple as holding hands or eye contact. But at its most complete, it is cellular for the body, telepathic for the spirit, and empathic for the soul. It is a sacred experience, flowing outward from the sacred space each of us stands within, reaching out to each other to create the Holy Union. The most commonly accepted joining is between male and female or parent and child. But joining is possible between all life, and is desired.

Our ability to join has been highly impaired by our painful experiences. The memories of those experiences stay with us and the emotions experienced also stay with us, stored along with the memories. These experiences and their residual memories and pain keep us in a state of fear. We hide our joining parts to keep them safe. We separate our need and desire to join from the rest of our feelings. The joining parts are extremely vulnerable, because they are naturally open to others, desiring of the Holy Union.

Because of our painful experiences, we are afraid, angry and constantly filled with grief. These feelings make Holy Union impossible. And yet, we desire the intimacy of Holy Union with great longing from our deepest hearts. Without it we are perpetually hungry and dissatisfied. Sometimes our anger is activated by our unmet hunger and we lash out. Sometimes we ridicule the need for joining in others, so we don't have to feel our own emptiness. But always, always we are looking for ways to be intimate in ways that we won't be hurt.

There are as many ways to try joining without actually becoming vulnerable as there are people living in the Mythical Kingdoms of Planet Earth. We long for Holy Union, and yet are terrified of opening that place in ourselves that is capable of joining. And so we create numerous false joinings, rituals for formalizing them, and many ways of disguising them to others and to ourselves. These false joinings make up the bulk of the paradigm of our society. We are enamored of love, falling in love, family life. Our media is filled with images of love, being loved, ways to become more attractive so we can find love. And yet, most of the "love" crumbles in short order. Marriages don't last. Families fall apart. More pain is perpetuated, and most of us wander through our lives with one hand covering our aching hearts.

It is time for us to create a new reality, a new paradigm together. We must stop seeking false joinings and look at what keeps us from being able to join in the true Holy Union with each other.