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The Mythical Kingdoms of Planet Earth

By Marilyn Brookman

Chapter Six: Preparing for Holy Union

Before we can participate in the Cosmic Dance,
the joining with others in our Universe,
we must become whole ourselves.

We who live in the Mythical Kingdoms of Planet Earth are stranded, separated from our true "home". The realities of the Mythical Kingdoms are not our true realities. "Home" may be all around us, but we never see it. We are separate and alone, even in crowds.

The cause of this separation is our estrangement from ourselves. We are fragmented, in pieces, with parts of ourselves here on Earth, and parts of ourselves elsewhere in the Universe. We are always connected by a silver thread - fragment to fragment - but there is a gap, a lack of joining between our fragmented parts, and we are often totally unaware of the fragmentation. Until we are rejoined with all our parts to become whole, we cannot become who we truly are.

This separation is symbolized by the lack of union we have in our relationships. But the true separation is within. Within us we have two distinct places which are separate and are not joined. These two places are called the conscious and the unconscious. They exist in a state gapped from each other. Communication can take place, but it is not a Holy Union. It is more like a war, with occasional truces and messages being passed along by frightened messengers. This is not our natural state. What strange creatures we would be if we were actually born with bodies that showed this separation more clearly. Perhaps we would have two heads, or two complete bodies connected by some small sliver of skin like Siamese twins. Though our internal separations are not so visible, they are nonetheless real. We are split into two internally.

What is the unholy purpose of such a cruel state of being? How can we expect a person to live sanely and with peace and love, when they do not have all their functions and gifts and awarenesses available to them as they need them? "Live and find happiness" we are told. But we are handicapped. We have been blinded, and made deaf, and crippled and tortured and left without the simplest resources we need to live. And worse, we are told that the horrible state we are in is our own fault! That it is our evolution, our fate, and our punishment for being bad and willful.

These are the lies upon which the Mythical Kingdoms of Planet Earth have been built. These are the lies we have been told and believed.

To begin the practice of Holy Union, we must locate our fragments and join with them.

  • Listen to their stories, especially their stories of pain
  • Feel their pain and cry with them
  • Accept, embrace and honor their point of view, their gifts, and their needs

At the same time we are learning to be in Holy Union with our fragmented parts, we need also to be aware that a valuable resource is waiting to help. A part of ourselves that has not lost its divinity is helping us through the maze and is calling us to re-join the Cosmic Dance. This part offers all that the Holy Union brings:

  • Wholeness in place of fragmentation
  • Nourishment in place of hunger
  • Joy in place of sadness
  • Acceptance in place of rejection
  • Togetherness instead of loneliness
  • Peace instead of fear
  • Love instead of hate and anger
  • Creativity in place of habit
  • Freedom instead of slavery
  • Life instead of death

The part of ourself that is not stuck here calls to the body, the soul and spirit to live! Not to have life after death, but life instead of death. NOW! We have the means to make this happen, but we must do it for ourselves. No one can do it for us. Each person, even each fragment must

  1. Decide for the Holy Union
  2. Open and walk through the Door of Everything to our Dynamic Heart
  3. Participate in the Holy Process, and
  4. Accept and embrace our own Divinity and Right to Live

God's consciousness and the Mother's desire are helping us return to our true selves and our right place in the universe.