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The Mythical Kingdoms of Planet Earth

By Marilyn Brookman

Chapter Seven: How We Work - As Above, So Below

If the Kingdoms of Planet Earth as we know them are mythical, then what is real on our planet?

We are.

We are direct reflections of the Cosmic Universe; each of us, a small composite of the great Divine family. We are each of us, Divine in essence. There are 3 main parts to each of us, although we may tend to live most fully in one or another of these parts:


1. Body's world - Everything must have some kind of body, each with its own inherent properties. These properties define what each Body is, and therefore, its potential and functionality, ie human, animal, plant, etc. It is important to remember that ALL bodies are made up of the same materials, they are merely defined differently. Our Body is the part of us that experiences our environment. It receives data from our experiences and brings that data in to be processed.

2. Spirit's world - Our Spirit has many wonderful attributes; the primary one we use is Thought. Thinking is one of the 2 ways we process our experiences. Once data is received from our experiences, our Spirit analyzes the data, comes to conclusions, determines, options, and makes decisions. Spirit then leads the way to new experiences. Our Spirit is connected to God the Father.

3. Soul's world - This is the realm of feeling, sometimes called the Will. Our Soul has many wonderful attributes; the primary one we use is emotion. Feelings are the second way we process our experiences. Feelings are used to detect our response to an experience. How we respond to an experience is primarily known through our feelings. Feelings are designed to be extremely sensitive to the interplay between our experiences and ourselves. They tell us if we like an experience and want it to continue, or if we dislike it and want it to stop. Our Soul is connected to the Golden Mother.

What is true?

"Thinking" alone is never meant to come up with the truth.

"Feeling" knows the truth, which thinking then shines light on and understands.

Light of Consciousness

The point of consciousness is where we place our attention and where our awareness is focused. It is the Spirit's ability to bring Light to a specific place, therefore we tend to see it as a function of thought. However, that is greatly limiting the role of consciousness. Each part has consciousness and the primary focus of consciousness for each part is different.

For Body, consciousness is primarily in the environment, and within itself, in the needs that keep itself alive and in pleasure. For Soul, consciousness is primarily in the Now of whatever feelings are being experienced. If the Soul is clogged with old frozen feelings, then the Soul may be primarily living in "Now" moments that have long passed. For Spirit, consciousness is primarily in the creation of the future. Each part brings a necessary aspect to the unit, making it complete and functional.

Spirit's Point of Consciousness is capable of moving to any part of the self, or any part of the universe. Our Spirit directs where our consciousness will go by using the ability to focus, or bring Light. The Light of Consciousness is turned on by Spirit and is directed by Spirit's thought. This ability to bring (or withhold) attention to any of the other parts, means that Spirit responsible for taking the first step, and must take the greatest care for his own actions. By simply withholding point of consciousness from the feelings, Spirit can prevent the Soul from feeling accepted and able to move in ways that will help her heal. By focusing point of consciousness only on thought processes, Spirit gives his own realm heavy emphasis and greater value, and this is evident in our current reality in the Mythical Kingdoms of Planet Earth, especially in the Western Kingdoms. As above, so below. We are reflecting the same Cosmic mistakes here on Earth.


Heart is at the center of the ability to feel. The Soul is able to feel all possible emotions and "feels" in response to experiences. As Spirit brings Light to our life, Soul brings feelings, sensitivity. The Heart is the doorway through which the Spirit and Soul communicate. God the Father and the Golden Mother each have hearts with which to speak to each other, and when moving properly, together they discover the "reality" or "truth" of an experience. Without both Thought and Feeling, speaking together in loving acceptance, the Truth cannot be known.

When the 3 parts are working at optimum, with the door of the heart open wide, they are aware of each other at all times. Spirit moves forward, creating. Soul and Body experience and manifest the creation, responding naturally and communicating that response to Spirit. Spirit continues to move forward, constantly adjusting creation according to the needs and desires of Body and Soul. Entwined in a Cosmic Dance, they move forward together as one - a Primary Entity, which we reflect each of us, within ourselves, as we move through our lives - creating.