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The Mythical Kingdoms of Planet Earth

By Marilyn Brookman

Chapter Nine: The Lies We Hold

The first lie we believe is that we are not good enough to be Divine and we are not good enough for God. Unfortunately, God is the one who has perpetuated this belief; the one who actually started it. This came from several mistakes in thinking that, because he is God, were believed to be the truth. These mistakes came from

  1. his desire not to feel pain (which became the demon Denial)
  2. his belief that, being God (King), he should be able to do whatever he wanted without consequences (which became Justification)
  3. his conclusion that, since he didn't want to feel pain, whoever is feeling pain is wrong, not as good as he is, is weak, inferior and not Godly and therefore not Divine (which became Judgment)
  4. his decision that those who cannot follow his edict not to feel pain are not only inferior, but are acting against him (which is an act of war), and therefore, he can treat them any way he chooses (which became Heartlessness).

The second lie has to do with God's image of himself. Being Spirit, at the top of the ladder, King of all creation, dispenser of the all-necessary light, we all wanted to be in his favor. It was important to allow him to see himself the way he wanted to be seen. And so, all of creation participated in the lie that God is all-loving, only loving, all powerful, never makes mistakes, and has no other feelings or faults.

All our religious institutions here in the Mythical Kingdoms of Planet Earth are built on this lie. We construct elaborate reasons why God does this or that, we build our rationale for the fact that an all-powerful only-loving God would "allow" the wars and starvation and disease here on Planet Earth. And we believe these elaborate reasonings. And when the rationale doesn't work, we say something like "God works in mysterious ways".

The third lie has to do with God's attitudes and actions toward The Parts That Feel as a result of the mistaken beliefs noted above. Each of us has to confront the truth that pain was inflicted upon us, but the cause of the pain was a convenient and tidy lie.

Each of us has our own lie, constructed for us personally, based on our experiences. The lie, which we believe, is cleverly designed so that we are kept in place by our pain and our past experiences.

For example, if you believe that you and the people you come from are part of the Adam and Eve bible story, then every time life punishes you or someone hurts you, the lie tells you this is because you are willful and did not obey God, and deserve to be punished. This lie is believed and supported by your experiences and your pain.

We all believe our particular lie: that we deserve to be punished. We live our belief of this lie, whether that punishment takes the form of being cursed, or hated, or abandoned, or rejected, or tortured, or killed, or all of these, or simply takes the form of dying.

More Lies That Hold the Mythical Kingdoms of Earth in Place:

  • Death is inevitable
  • We must eat food of the earth to live, especially flesh
  • We are not Divine
  • We deserve to be punished
  • We must overcome, rise above, evolve, let go of, or change our "baseness", which is basically our soul and body, so we can be acceptable to God
  • We love the sensory world of the flesh too much, that is why we are stuck here
  • Our needs are wrong and bad and must be suppressed
  • Our feelings are wrong and bad and must be suppressed

Unfortunately, lies that are believed become the foundation of the thinking system that becomes our reality. If our reality is based on lies, it cannot be real and true. It is a false belief system: a myth.

How does a False Belief System work?

  • It tells the Spirit what to think
  • It tells the Soul what to feel
  • It compresses the Soul into unconsciousness
  • It gives the Body a set of rules that must be believed and adhered to, on threat of pain and painful death

Since one of the lies in our False Belief System that we are required to believe is that death is inevitable, we do seem to be maintaining our own prison and locking our own prison door in order to avoid - not death - but pain. However, the pain we feel as a result of the False Belief System, is actually greater now than any "punishment" that can come from outside ourselves.

It is time to unlock the prison door of our False Belief System and be who we are!