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The Mythical Kingdoms of Planet Earth

By Marilyn Brookman


The kingdoms of planet Earth rise, only to fall. Then they rise again, only to fall.

From the beginning of our time here, we have tried and failed. We have neither created a mighty kingdom that is just and peaceful, nor have we regained our former status in the heavens.

As individuals we struggle - and go on struggling. We have good times and bad, but in the end we fall, just like our kingdoms fall. Then we must start over. Most often we lose whatever ground we gained before we fell. Our climb begins again with the basics such as simple speech and morals, and the understanding of our environment. The individual struggle is always worse if our kingdom is new, or inept, or particularly violent.

We have memories of the kingdoms that came before, but the memories are hidden from us. We have memories, too, of our former struggles as individuals. These memories are also hidden, except for sudden flashes if déjà vu, and "haven't we met before" kinds of feelings.

None of the kingdoms here on planet Earth are our true home. Earth is not our place of origin. These kingdoms, even the one we are in today, are mythical. They are not part of our true reality. They are part of the stories we make, stories that keep us from knowing the truth, myths that give us a past and future so we don't go mad like blind rats in a box.

We have tried everything we know to raise ourselves up so we can return to our universal origins. We have used a wide variety of doctrines and creeds to attempt to raise ourselves up from our dark state. We have told ourselves and all our brothers and sisters that in order to be saved we must rid ourselves of sin and aberrant behavior. We have believed every possible paradigm we could think up to make sense of it all, including the paradigm that we are accidents.

The truth is here for us, but it is brutal and hard. It requires enormous courage to hear it. And acceptance must replace denial to know the truth. But some parts of the truth are wonderful and can relieve us of some of our burdens. The truth accepted will allow us to regain all our hidden gifts and memories and parts of ourselves that are now trapped in the "unconscious". The truth accepted can bring hope for complete reconciliation and a return to our rightful home. The truth accepted brings understanding, harmony and love.

I don't know all of the truth, but I know a great part. Each of you must add your own truth to the remembering, as you learn about yourself. Together we can join all our experiences and stories until the mythical kingdoms of Earth become real and true.

How do we do this?

These pages hold my part of the story; what I know, and what I have remembered. And the tools I used to find myself.

This has worked for me and may work for you.