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Miscellaneous Musings

Saving Others and Being Saved
by mb

There is no way for me to 'save' anyone here.

My 'saving' action always causes a negative response, an involuntary closing of the heart and mind of the very one I am trying to save. This negative response occurs not only in the person I am trying to save but also the ones nearby who are enmeshed in the activity at hand.

What can I do?

I can offer these things to all involved:

  1. Forgiveness - whether it is needed or not
  2. Understanding and acceptance - whether it is wanted or not
  3. Love - whether it is received or not
    (These are non-verbal gifts.)
  4. Sharing of information and experiences - whether it is understood or not
And as I offer my gifts, I am aware that I am really trying to save myself.

I must acknowledge that each one I meet offers the same gifts. So I am determined:
  1. to accept forgiveness in my heart
  2. to let understanding and acceptance break through my isolation
  3. to let myself surrender and to let my heart be thrilled by receiving love.
  4. to open my mind so I may hear the sharing of others and thereby feel my own pain.
In order for my new "shared saving" to work, it must be experienced by equals. And since we are all part of the divine energy, WE ARE ALL EQUALS.

My hope is that this exchange of energy with every person I meet (and taken up by others with every person they meet), will cause an unfolding in the world of our true, divine natures. Such a powerful movement must help to save us all.

Dear Reader, I honor the divine energy that you are.


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