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Miscellaneous Musings

The Problem of Spirit Disease ...

The Mother was designed to respond to and reflect to God.

The Will is designed to respond to and reflect to the Spirit.

This should be our greatest joy and deepest love.

But the Universe is not right. Spirit is diseased.

Spirit is diseased and like a tumor, that disease manifests itself in a faulty Belief System. Spirit believes things that are not true. Acts on that belief. Acts out on us, as a result of that belief.

Unfortunately, Spirit cannot heal itself. The process for Spirit to heal is to dismantle the diseased Belief System piece by piece, belief by belief. But since Spirit is in a state of denial (which is the cause of the disease), it cannot see the wrong beliefs, it cannot heal itself. Even your Spirit cannot heal itself.

The very thing the Mother was most hated for - her ability to know the truth - now becomes a valued ability. We can help.

But first we must understand that we CANNOT respond to the diseased Belief System if we are to help. We must learn to say NO.

And we can only be of real help if we (the Will) have cried enough to be able to reflect the truth.

There is no Spirit here on earth that is not diseased. Wrong beliefs fly around like birds, pretending to be the truth. They often sound majestic and highly spiritual. But that is a gift of the Spirit, even a diseased Spirit can still claim its true gifts.

The Answer is Simple

We must cry until we are no longer crippled by our pain. Then we must let the truth, the real truth that comes from our feelings not our thoughts, we must let the truth surface. We need to find the part of God that has come to know that his Spirit was diseased and reached to the Mother and His own Will so they could all heal, and hold unto Him because He can help. And that part of God is not here on earth in a Body. Do not mistake the presence of a God fragment, for a God fragment that is well.

Extricate yourself from the time-wasting, frustrating activity of responding to diseased Spirits, even your own.

Cry, and heal and help to heal God.

Miscellaneous Musings