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Healing Fragmentation - - The Journey Toward Wholeness

Be Aware
Channeling from the Mother
from Marilyn B.

I am a fragment of the Great Mother, or the Mother of Everything as you often call her. She has asked me to tell you this..

Be aware...


This is not a feel good game.

We must be in deadly earnest to survive. You must stop pretending and remember who you are.

The Mother is rising and gathering all her pieces to her. And as she rises, she is letting go of the denial and denied feelings she has held that do not belong to her.

Some of the denial belongs to you, and it will find you. If you do not embrace it and cry it and own it from inside, it will find you and batter you from outside.

It cannot bring you good, because the denied feelings are your rage and fear and pain. To make them into a "good thing" you must process them. Crying is your most effective tool.

Make no mistake, it will happen whatever your defenses or pretenses.

But if you are brave and meet your denial with good intention, we can heal this planet and ourselves.

Don't deny me further. That road is a dead end.