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The Gathering

There's a sheltered valley, hidden deep in the mountains. This small glen, surrounded by trees, protects a small opening in the mountainside, a deceptively small cave opening under an overhanging rock. In the center of the glen, a small fire has been built. Around the fire are a handful of figures. Some sit huddled and shivering, some stand, some pace, but all stay within the circle of their togetherness. Sometimes they speak, sometimes they sing, most often they cry and weep and wail. There is power in this glen, power in this gathering. The world is, as yet, unaware of it. And that's as it should be. This is a healing gathering, away from prying eyes, away from those who hate, far from those who would judge, protected from those who would kill, maim, torture. Those who gather here have known pain and death so severe some of them are barely alive, even yet. Some have had their essence so nearly obliterated, they have needed the patient empathy of this gathering in this place, to bring them awake. Here, all will heal. Here, all will be allowed to speak, cry, rage, and eventually ... heal. Here, they will gather their power...

1 - The Valley
2 - Two Together
3 - The Little Match Girl
4 - The Voice
5 - The Circle of Their Safety
6 - The Burning
7 - Terror
8 - What Terror Protects
9 - Rage Arrives
10 - A Way To Bring Them Home
11 - Terror and Rage
12 - Desire Breaks Free
13 - The Raggedy Man
14 - The Raggedy Man's Story
15 - The Dark Place
16 - The Need
to be continued...


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