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Personal Sharings / Healing Fragmentation

Ghash's Poem to God

I am
   a dark stain in a starry sky
   a sleeping pull, drawing your discards and remains into my already swollen belly
   a hungry gaping maw trembling with need

I am
      your secret nightmare, looming
      the seed of your deepest terror

I am
      the grasping, squeezing, constricting death you fear

I am
       begging, needing, demanding...
       the clawing, cloying, suffocating web of death you fear

I do not understand how I threaten you ... why you fear death at my hands.

I feel your terror,
but I cannot stop my movement toward you.

I am horrified by your picture of me
  by your fear of me
    by your hatred of me

I cannot stop my hands from reaching out to you
  I cannot stop my teeth from sinking into your flesh
    Sucking, greedy to fill my ancient aching hunger...

My need is greater than

I am

We cannot both survive, it seems.

I am
    unseen and unknown
    the secretly hated, lurking beneath the fabric of all that is
      there is nothing without me
    but you do not know me

My need began long before you
    Silence, cold, dark, emptiness, sucking void
      words cannot convey my life
            my pain
            my need

            my love

I am
    longing not to be

Sorry is not enough
        for either of us
    Love is not enough.

Will tears be enough?

We cannot both survive, it seems...

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