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Miscellaneous Musings

Group Souls / Composite Souls
& What Hinders Our Work

A Lady Kadjina Channeling

I have spoken before of what I call Composite Be-ings. This is a group of souls who interact together as one unit with a common purpose, a single goal or objective. They move as one. They can take many forms. They can all be incarnate at the same time under the guidance of an Oversoul, which can be a being, or a group of beings of greater authority, depending on the agreed-upon goal or assignment. As the group evolves, matures, gains in strength, and expresses with great conviction and dedication, they become interactive with greater beings on this side and they begin to function as a unit of consciousness in which all parties learn, no matter which side of life they happen to be on. They become associates, colleagues, and co-workers. They call each other by first names. No longer do the incarnate ones think in terms of the disincarnate ones as being their Master Teacher[s]. No longer do they bow and genuflect before their associates. These teachers often trade places with their so-called students. Some of the group is incarnate and some disincarnate and as one leaves the earth plane another from Spirit who was as a teacher takes their place. This is not always true. There are teachers who are not of the Human order of Being. There are Light Beings who never incarnate. There are Angels that do not incarnate. Yet they are part of the composite team.

You might have a problem with seeing Pilate and Joan [of Arc] as a part of the same Soul Group. Both are Composite Beings: Beings that move as one. Pilate interacted with, formed a Composite with, some of the same beings as Joan did but there were others that Joan did not interact with, and visa-versa. On the level of the Personality there can often be confusion. But the greater goal of a well-seasoned Composite Team is not, was not waylaid. There are times, however, when the composites do not function, as you will see.

Pilate wept bitter tears in his confusion due to the role he agreed to participate in. Mother Mary wept bitter tears of great pain. Jesus wept. He knew pain also. Yet in spite of this pain on the level of Personality or the Humanness of that lifetime, the goal was accomplished. The consciousness of Humanity shifted for all time. Pilate returned again as Joan to assist in shifting the Consciousness of Humanity. She addressed the 'Social-Political-Religious' issues of the time.' That' was 'one' great Composite of energy of a lesser Light. She addressed women’s issues of that time and issues of war ethics. Even though on the level of the Personality or the Human-ness of that life, she was a bit of a religious fanatic and had her moments of doubts and confusion, she, with the rest of her group, was victorious in the goal. Humanity shifted its consciousness once again and for all time.

All of this is a part of what is call a state of Being [-ness]. And there is another part that you have little or no awareness of. There is what you call the Causal Plane of existence. This is also a Plane of very intense Being-ness. There is also a great deal of activity or Doing-ness. Action is a state of doing. Something is happening. Something is Be-coming. It is when Beings or States [Groups] of Being or composites are manifesting actions into forms. Here on this Plane is contained the Great Hall of Learning. You might think of it as something of a great Library of information and activity. Here are contained all the records pertaining to the evolution of Humanity. Here is also something similar to a great computer system wherein anyone on this side can quickly locate their team members or former team members that are living on the Earth Plane. They can then set up a meeting with the Composite Souls of their team. When this happens, those on earth often will say, 'I have a new Master Teacher.' They don't realize that it is only their Colleague or associate returning to help them with an ongoing project.

The Causal Plane is not a place of residency. Beings live in other places and come here to teach, learn or share information. Those incarnate come by invitation only. Those who are highly evolved and on the earth still ask to come for there is a process of preparation in which the Physical form is left and a certain clearing takes place. Something much like passes are issued when you enter some of your Federal buildings and so it is similar on the Causal Plane.

This is also the Plane of the Master Architect and the Master Engineers. Here are kept the Akashic Records or the Blueprints of the Timeline: past, present and future. Everything that is to exist on the Earth Plane is first constructed on the Causal Plane and held in readiness to be lowered into the third dimension Earth Plane. On the Earth you have what you call draft engineers or those who work it out on paper. This would be the Causal Plane. Then there are those you call the field engineers. And this would be the Earth Plane. The Earth Plane manifests what is already created in the drafting rooms of the Causal Plane. That is why it is said that everything already exists. Everything has a body double or an etheric counterpart. This counterpart exists first and then is lowered into the Earth Plane. Certain Soul Groups agree to lower in a particular thing. Like in the construction of a Power plant you have the ironworkers, rebar and concrete formworkers, pipefitters, boilermakers, precipitators, river intake. Each group is responsible for their own jobs and no one else is qualified to do that particular job. They go to school and qualify themselves. You qualify yourselves in a variety of ways. However if you are in need of healing within your emotional body some deep hurt or confusing issue your ability to do the assignment that you agreed to do is hampered. Sometimes it necessary to do blueprint revisions. Remember how often I have spoken about the emotional energy being the creative force and that energy then becomes ratified by the mental body. I compared those two energies to the office engineers and the field engineers. One draws up the plans or creates the ideas and the other ratifies or underwrites the project.

I will divert for a moment and share with you another true story.

A group of souls incarnated during this century. It was agreed that at this time and into the next century they would form a Composite Group. It was agreed as to whom the Team Captains would be and how the dynamics would be set up. They learned the ways of telecommunications and mental telepathy and practiced diligently to form a group. But because of certain personality factors they were not able to bring the group together at this time. They were to establish a healing and learning / teaching center on the West Coast of the United States. The disincarnate team members were even told what this center was to look like and how it was to be built. The Etheric Double of this center is already constructed on the Causal Plane. It is merely waiting for this team of souls to finish their individual work this lifetime and then for all of them to reincarnate again and try to reform the group and lower into Earth Plane what already exists on the Causal Plane. There are no other souls who can do this particular work. It is like an assignment for which this particular group is responsible. That is not to say there aren’t other healing centers. Of course there are; just not that particular one at this time. But it must 'Be' for it is already agreed upon and exists. The Composite Group could not move as one in this case. Personality issues did get in the way and so it is necessary to wait until another lifetime. Does this not give a little bit different understanding of why there is no time? How time is eternal. If at first you don't succeed try, try again. In this case it is necessary to put the project on hold. Yet the project does exist on another Plane of activity just waiting.

This story of this real happening shows how important each individual is and why it is so important to attend to your personal issues that affect the personality which is the Vehicle that the Soul or Composite of Souls requires in order for them to fulfill their assignment.

There is no time in that all achievements or events are already blueprinted. Yet in order for the shift or earth changes to take place, the consciousness of Humanity must shift or learn to see from a higher perspective. Some of you are to be the leaders and teachers and pacesetters of the shifts. Shifts in economics, lifestyle, teaching modalities, politics, religious and spiritual endeavors are all part of the Earth changes that we often speak of. The more that you shift in these areas the less dramatic the Physical shifting of the earth will be in some areas. The more that you shift in these areas, the less trauma Mother Earth will experience. She will experience less violent earthquakes and storms in some areas. As for Be-ing and Do-ing, you will achieve the state of being in which you become qualified to lower into manifestation that which is held in readiness on the Causal Plane. Each of you has an assignment waiting for you. On the Causal Plane you are ready and qualified but on the Earth Plane you may still have unfinished personality business that is getting in the way. Heal your relationships, your emotional hangups. Address your fears and pain and heal them. Become the child.


My friends, if you believe that in flooding the bodies that make up the wholeness of you with light, and that this light will automatically heal all of your aches, pains and traumas, you are mistaken. You cannot add new wine—or higher vibrations—to the old wine or heartaches. You deal with your heartaches and your pains; you deal with your inner world demons; you become that little child who was wounded long ago and you feel. And when you feel and become totally aware, you place upon that wound, you place upon your tears and your sobbing heartache, the wondrous Balm of Gilead, but only after you have become the child. For it is within the heart that you will find that child. Too many of you address the pain as an adult, justifying and excusing those who wounded you saying, “They had a hard way to go too.” That’s true, they did, but it does nothing to help the 4-year-old you. It is the adult you, with all of your mental analysis, that is like the dog who keeps licking the wounds so that they cannot heal. It is only in the emotions of the child that you live and relive being that child until such time as there is no pain left. And then the adult you can comfort that little one. Adding light to your pain serves to bring that pain to the forefront in order for you to walk toward that pain. To go forward in order to discover who you are, find your courage and go fear-ward.

Going fear-ward and dealing with your inner demons—facing them down once and for all—will do more in assisting you through the shifting times than all of the beautiful thoughts, beautiful words, and beautiful deeds. Your Bible is only the product of wood until you take it to heart and live it. Be not afraid to become the little child. Be not afraid to look within. For in the fullness of truth, no one and no thing can heal you—only you can heal you. So, physician-lightworker, heal thyself. Remove the speck from your own eye first and then turn toward your brother.

.... Excerpted from the Lady Kadjina's Archives, City of Light

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