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Healing Fragmentation - - The Journey Toward Wholeness

Looking at Me
by Sumre, January 14, 2001

So together...
I stand
ready to face the destiny mine
choices made to come my way
Do I remember saying I would do this
One way of life betrayed with wills kiss
Oh scared child
dont hide behind your mother broken
speak your fears lest denials be spoken
It all must be retreived now
Every feeling to believe now
And the doors are opened

Together...did I say,
Could I have been such a fool
I'm much to small to stand
I'm in peices
I'm much to frightened to fight
confused the reasons
of why I am doing the
thing that I'm doing

Face it..Im a fool
whether daughter or mother
to deny one for another
or song

right place
right time
is the comfort
my blanket
on starless scarey nights
such as tonight
facing myself

Im the whore
the one that you thought you could just not
acknowledge and I wouldnt be there
I was always there
because unlike you
you stupid bitch
I'm patient
I knew it was just a matter of time before you got
yourself back into your stupid little lifes roles
of denial that you are blatently and ignorantly
calling your attempts at wholeness
you are so stupid
you live daily in denial
you always avoid confrontation in your real life
just to come running here and have everyone tell
you how great or brave you are.
And you think I'm the bitch
well at least I'm feeling things
at least I'm alive
at least I don't constantly deny myself for others
Yeah...I feel things
I feel things in your old dead tired pussy
You are so dead sexually and that's the way you want it
No hassles
no arguments
NO FEELING!!!!!!!!!!!
Well, tough
Yeah...Im a bitch
Im a whore
But I'm a part of you honey
so DEAL WITH ME!!!!!