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Miscellaneous Musings

Measuring Sticks
Extracted from earlier writings
August 2000

How many books have you read? What books have you read? Have you read all the material here, there, wherever? Have you studied studiously? Can you quote chapter and verse?

What a silly measuring stick, what a silly standard for emotional healing!

Using what you've read or how much you've read, or number of year's experience as a measuring stick for how healed one is, is a false, linear standard.

These things are no indication of a person's healing level or healing intent. Having X number of years experience, and having read X books and X pages, is no guarantee that a person "gets" the core message of what this process is all about.

Setting up these kinds of standards is usually a way to allow one person feel superior to another.

In any case, KNOWING things doesn't help in the process of soul healing. It's not about learning or reading, it's not about your head.

Emotional healing is what it's about. Crying. Letting the feelings move.

I know, like ... duh. But I just want to say it again, because my "rescuer/protector" parts are demanding it. For those of you who haven't read all the books, or who haven't read the godchannel material, or who haven't read any books at all, you are not less-than. You do not need to measure up to some great standard of XYZ, all you need to do is cry your pain, one inch at a time, one day at a time, in baby steps, at your own pace, and you're doing exactly what you need to be doing.

Being advanced in this "work" is not about what you've read or haven't read. I know some very newbies to emotional healing, who are struggling with their own resistance, and trying very hard to connect with their emotions that have been so long in denial, and they are doing more good healing work - IMO - than others who have read every word of every book or channeled material but who don't truly get the core message.

When the RUOW books came out it was like a huge gift of validation had been dropped in our laps, saying that what we had been doing for so many years was good and right and valuable. BUT THE BOOKS WERE NOT THE PROCESS.

Let me say that again.


Our bodies KNOW the process, it's buried deep within every cell. We just have to learn how to let body remember what it already knows!

And although reading books and other materials helped me, both in my mental understandings and in getting some things triggered, they didn't change my core process. I still cry everything, rage, terror, grief, everything. The depth of my memories is greater, because the books helped me take the next step back into original cause and beyond, but the books are not the core process.

If you haven't read all the material, or are brand new at this process, don't let anybody make you feel small or less than or unevolved or backward. Don't let ANYBODY tell you they know better than you what you need to learn, what triggers you need, or that you're not far enough along in the process to matter.

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