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Personal Sharings / Healing Fragmentation

My Prayer for Healing
pct, 9/19/01

I will sit in silence for periods every day and cast my point of awareness deeper within myself than I ever have before.

I call to any essence of mine that is in pain, that feels left out, that is enraged, that feels compressed to the point of dying, that feels it would rather die than live.

I call my essence home, I call you home, I welcome you with open arms. I call home my rage and I vow to give you voice within me, here in the safety of my room.

I will yell and cry and shake and give you voice.

I will let you cry and cry and cry until you begin to feel the tiniest bit of hope.

I will let these tears of rage flow out of me every day as long as it takes for you to heal within me.

I call you with love and acceptance for WHATEVER it is you feel.

You cannot resist my call, for it is the loving acceptance you have longed for. It is the chance to be heard that you need. These are the loving arms you have secretly wanted to hold you. These are the loving ears waiting to hear your rage and pain.

Come, come, come home to me, essence of mine.

I will do this with intent and purpose and desire, each day.

I will disarm the web, I will remove my essence from the weapons of destruction, no matter where in the world they may be. Whether the U.S., or Middle East, no essence of mine shall be fuel and fodder for war.

I will sit in silence every day and cast my point of awareness deeper within myself than I ever have before.

I will let myself feel whatever is there to be felt, cry whatever is there to be cried.

This is my prayer. I pray here and now for all my essence to come home, come home and heal.

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