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Personal Sharings / Healing Fragmentation

Stop Eating Us!

Dear Mother/FatherGod,

Are you there? I am small, I am so tiny, I am almost non-existant. Will you hear me, will you see me? Heart pounding, trying to ignore the voices of self-hate that tell me I'm a fool, twice a fool to try this again.

I try to talk to you directly. I try and try. I can't hear you, and I fear there's something wrong with me, I'm too small, too stupid, too blocked, to hear your voice when all these others claim to hear you and know you.

I will tell you what I do hear, what I do know. I know a vast sea of tiny beings like me, sisters, some bigger, some smaller, all terrified though some pretend not to be. We tread water together. I hear their cries, I hear their longing and broken hearts. I hear their death dirge when they finally give up trying to tread water and sink under to drown.

Despair and trying to die are bad enough, God. But now, as I begin to swim, now as I feel life returning to my limbs and begin to hope that I might live, I see the sharks beneath the water.

They have been there all along... sharks swimming circles around us, greedy, hungry sharks. We didn't see them, we didn't know they were there! Some of them wear your badge, some of them even claim to be devoted to the Will and healing. Are these the Knights and Emissaries and Missionaries that YOU sent here? I am so enraged, now that I have become awake enough to see what prey we are!! I WANT THIS TO STOP!!!

They guru, they power over, they claim to know what is best for us. They seduce us with lures of love. And what is worse, God, is they believe they are still doing your will. What they are doing is collecting us. Eating us. Collecting and eating bits of Will, bits of fragments of the Mother.


I want these sharks gone. I want them off the planet! How can we heal when we are being eaten?!?

I dreamed the other night, I dreamed I stood on the rim of the world and watched as souls were born into bodies. At the gateway stood guards. I watched as my sisters approached the gate and as they passed through, the guards whispered in their ears and pressed down on them and shamed them and made them feel guilty. Stay open, was the guilty message they gave. It is unloving to be closed, stay open.

Do you see? We are being born without boundaries. We accepted guilt's whisperings, we have great gaping holes in our sense of self, in our knowing of who we are and what we feel and our ability to resist the influence of others. We remain open and vulnerable to unloving light, and we have almost no ability to discern what is loving or unloving light. We are easy prey.

You say we must be careful not to open and let in unloving light, be cautious. HA. I am telling you, without boundaries, guilt keeps us open from day one, and we cannot be cautious, we cannot discern, we cannot protect ourselves. I AM SO ANGRY ABOUT THIS!!

I was born like this, I came into this world in this life with damaged boundaries. I wanted to say it was because of the sexual abuse I suffered at the age of two, or the alcoholic storms in our house, or the violence. But the truth is, I had no boundaries at birth, guilt made me a feather in the wind, a wishywashy person, easy prey to both guru and dominating lover.

I have fought long and hard to find my sense of self. I have cried oceans and oceans of tears. And I am ENRAGED that my sisters all around me lose these battles every day. Every day I see more fall under the spells of these guru-types, with their seductive ways and their promise of love and enlightenment.

I am so afraid you won't hear me. I am so afraid you will say that it is all our own responsibility. That we must own being both eater and the eaten. I don't know why I'm trying this, one more time, I feel compelled by grief and longing and terror. And rage.


I want the sharks gone. I want the Guilt Guards removed from the birth gateways. I want these so-called missionaries to go "save" somebody else. I want all my sisters to get rip roaring PISSED. What will it take to kick these rat bastards OFF the planet?

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