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The Four Weapons

| Remembering | Feelings | Beliefs | Making New Decisions |

Weapon 1 The first weapon I give you in this fight is REMEMBERING. It is time to remember.

  1. Remember who you are
  2. Remember your past -- ALL your past
  3. Remember what you are really afraid of
Waking up and remembering is the hardest thing you will ever do. It will take all your courage and all your commitment. But you must do it.

You must do it with me if we are to live (and we have a right to live). Make no mistake, this is a war. We must be guerilla fighters - always under cover, in small groups of 2's, 3's and 4's.

Until we have remembered and become strong enough, our fight must be with ourselves and the dream we have escaped into. Before we can use the weapon of remembering in our fight to survive, we must understand why we do not remember.

Why don't we remember?

Because it is too painful.

Every experience you have had is stored somewhere in your memory banks. Along with each memory is the pain you felt during that experience. Pain does not go away just because we refuse to acknowledge that we feel it. All it does is to go out of our awareness. If you resist your feelings, you will not be able to remember.

Weapon 2Weapon 2So, our second weapon is ACCEPTANCE OF OUR FEELINGS.

We must come to know and understand our feelings if we are to accept them. First we must overcome our fear of them. To do that we must learn their purpose, how they function, and their value. When we understand our feelings, they become our great ally - our help and our salvation. I do not say this lightly. Our emotions are our greatest strength - now in our fight to survive - and always - if we understand them.

Because their purpose is to tell us the truth about ourselves: when we love, when we are hurt, when we are angry and when we are afraid. How can we live well if we do not have this knowledge of ourselves to guide us? How can we live sanely and lovingly if we do not let ourselves know how we feel?

In order to learn to accept our feelings, we must look at some of the beliefs we have about them. We are afraid of our feelings because we are told many lies about them. Our beliefs make us afraid of what we feel.
Lies We Believe About Feelings

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Weapon 3Weapon 3Weapon 3Weapon Three

The third weapon in our fight to survive is CHANGING OUR BELIEFS.

We all have a set of beliefs that are a major part of us and have been with us from our first experiences. Beliefs are not a part of our consciousness, but have a life below the surface in our unconscious mind. We are never free of our beliefs and we create our lives based on what we believe. Our Belief System is created by those closest to us, by our experiences and by the beliefs that are held by the world and its institutions. Changing these beliefs will be a part of our fight to survive, because most of our beliefs are lies and they cripple us. Mistaken beliefs keep us from being who we truly are.

How do we begin the process of changing our beliefs? We can begin by looking at our decisions.

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Weapon Four

The fourth weapon in the fight to survive is to EXAMINE YOUR DECISIONS - bad ones and good ones and those that happened by default (by not making a decision when one was needed).

Our decisions can show us what our beliefs are. Because our decisions are always based on

  1. the painful experiences we must remember
  2. our feelings (hurt, fear, anger)
  3. our mistaken beliefs.
By looking at our decisions, we can trace the reasons for the decisions we made, or are in the process of making. We can find the beliefs, especially those beliefs we have about ourselves, that cause us to make decisions for our lives that do not work. Then we must go back to the memories and feelings that drove us to make those decisions.

I know I have made this seem simple. And I know it is very hard. But to help in this process, I have tools that will make it easer. Even if you were unable to use any of the weapons, we could still win our fight and survive, if we just committed to using the Tools. The tools will bring you home.

Weapon 4Weapon 4Weapon 4Weapon 4

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