Panjoyah Poems
My Need (To The Cave Pictures)

Sing softly, child
Can you bring me peace,
Sweet release
From my endless task?
I want to bask
    Ask me 'what do you want?'
I say, 'whatever I don't have to have'
    For when that time comes, boy
I will really enjoy my life
    And I still might want what I have not got
But I'll quit it, not get caught
    In the half-hitch slip tie knot
Of the clinging rope of my attachment.
I'll lift latches and catches
On doors and hatches
Of the weary dreary clutches
Of the roots and hutches
    Of my need to have it.

Can U C me
    In those sun-drenched places?
Take me there, won't you
    Don't let me go
I think I want you
    Feel I must have you
And like me, you yearn after me
    With a forlorn look of wistful surrender
Bending to the 'of course nots'
    Sitting like modern fencing
        We move away, barely looking
Knowing we must turn our gaze
    And our backs toward one another
Smother desire
    Throw the fires' kindling
Into the pyre
    Of they where we already lay.

Cave pictures, you feel me…
    Seem so real, like an IMAX movie
No climax to soothe me
    O knowing that my work likes elsewhere
Care not, dare not, dulce hair
    Sweetness of the morning sun
Rise like honey butter in my dreams
    Melt like reams
Of half-baked loose caked
    Mud on my jeans
Brushed off casually
    As I resume my life as is
Not even dreaming to kiss
    The fantasied depths of the untouched mirror
I see you in
    Maybe dark skinned
Or blonde-tressed
    Gypsy dress
Layered like a sweet girl's
    Child fantasy
Young and free, now empowered to be
    The fantasy
On my cave wall
That's all.

And in another time and place
Far and yet so near
I'll walk down your hall
And flutter you down
With All that I AM
And All I've Become
Once I'm One
Once the moon and the sun
Come together at last
And close the future from the past.

My need wants to have it
    Yet I can wait, not have it
        Break the bad habit
            Of leaping to my death.

copyright 1997-2002 Panjoyah

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