Panjoyah Poems
The Crying Ones

First Penstroke
First Book
Since I looked
Younger, yet the same
Now I take not the blame

They played a young boy's game
And they say I'm older, maybe tame
Older's blah blah, there's no shame
In having been around awhile
In this body, with a new style
Now I smile
Only when I want to
And I play
Only when it feels new

Don't give it another minute of time now
There's a planet's worth of power to reclaim
They say, 'quit playing games'
'You must heal now'
'This is serious business'
No farting around like clowns
Walking down
A sidetrack to oblivion
Shouting about how much you like denial
Shudder inside
No pretense of acceptance
And all the while
On the way to a smile
Your tears tango the last dance of death
In stillness and stilted forms
Smothered in chloroform
Get out, go home
Ya can't pahk heah
Private propitty
Of the Crying Ones.

copyright 1997-2002 Panjoyah

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