Panjoyah Poems
The Dark Before Dawn

Be that as it may
   Let the crazy poet out today
Curb the crown of creation's
   Swollen torpitude, inflation.
Can we stop the pop pop pop
   Of guns and bombs and knifing cuts
Whose flash fries and fucks with my feelings

God, I hate TV and what it does
   To human consciousness
Bleeding restlessness,
   Which could create something good
Down a mineshaft to grow
   More mold with the misunderstood
Body of Creative Creation
   Well I guess 'they'll' only
      Learn when I do
'Cause everything I see that jerks my knee
   is me.
In some way I can't yet recover today
   So far, anyway.

Little boy blue has shit on his shoe
   And doesn't want to notice
He say, "it's you who stink
   And if you think
      We're letting you empower
Well, we'll never cower
   From a war in which we'll win
We are the masters of spin
   And this great country of ours
Despite the din from the great unheard
   Herd, will not go idly
      Into that good night.
Nope, not us... we'll fight fight fight
   Because of course, we're right
And right wins wars, and evens scores
   And more.
We say, you scurvy whore
   Battle me, and you will see
Who still steals the flower of power
   From the weak and undeserving."

Fie upon that! I'll spit in my hat
   'fore I'll go back to being
as before, when I blamed you
   as the causal bore and believed it.
Yes, that's right, I bought that bullshit
   Cuz I barely knew better.
Now it's down to me & mine
   Who are doing time
In our sheds and caves
   Riding the waves
      Of our emotions and devotions
To She who will save us.

So if you feel it,
make a fuss, you gloomy gus,
Guilt ridden and gone from sight
   Give up going past your plight
And let's live for today
   Though it's not all play.
The row we hoe is uneven and dark
   And we are frightened
      And our hearts
         Have tightened

It's the dark before dawn
   So quit playing the pawn
And leave their game cuz it's
   Only the same tame shame
Join us on the edge
   Make your inner pledge
To piss or poop so to please the pot
   Before they come and throw you off
And you scream, "why me?
   The world's gone crazy, and
      I didn't know."
Yes you did
   But you ran and hid

God help me
   Let's take responsibility
      For being free.

copyright 1997-2002 Panjoyah

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