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Musings for Healing

Panjoyah's Sharings
The Spiritual Body
Desiring Spirit and Cultivating Faith

I talked about how spirit has to commit to the rest of itself; the mental, emotional and physical bodies, in order for us as whole beings to be fully embodied and present. So what's our side of it, how do we have responsibility to draw our spirits to us, and keep them with us? Desire is a key. We call on the angels, we call on ascended masters, we call on devas and faeries, we call on Jesus, we call on Buddha, we pray to God. The step we may have been missing here is to consciously call on our personal spirits to be present with us, to guide us, to help us be big, to bridge the gap to the Divine.

Our spiritual power is relatively untapped, and having a close, honest look at our misfired lives reveals a reflection of this latency, manifested as a lack of flow, a lack of abundance, a lack of grace. Certainly we all have moments and seasons of time when these gifts are present with us, but those moments pass, and quite often we find ourselves feeling as though having fallen from a great height, wanting yet experiencing lack. Certain bodies of so-called spiritual wisdom have wanted to distract us from our subjective reality's truth that we do indeed feel lack. We are told to look at all we have, look at how much better we have it than the people in (fill in name of 3rd world country here). We have to get real with how we feel, and not compare ourselves out of our true feelings there.

It's a complex loop. True, unadulterated desire for spirit can draw and keep spirit present, but in our emotional bodies we have to deal with the hopelessness and old denied rages and hurts at having deeply desired spirit in the past only to have spirit not come no matter how much we wanted it to come. We have judgments holding these old feelings in place that say, among other things, that desire for spirit's power is wrong, that desire to be one with our spirits doesn't help anyway so why bother feeling desire. These judgments, and others like them, need release in the manner described in a previous article ("More On The Mental Body"), as do the old, held feelings with them. The more we can do this, the more present our spirit can be with us, if we can dare to reach for it again. Healing for this part of us might look like asking God for help in this area, to help guide our personal spirit back to us, to help our spirit integrate itself as part of the whole being, to help each of us know individually how to attract and keep our spiritual body present and aligned with us.

One last key aspect of healing with our spiritual bodies is cultivating a sense of faith that what we want, finding our right place and path in life, will come to us via our spirit once we put it out there. Trust and faith in whatever we call God, and in our spirit, can come once we move through all old anger and hopelessness and hurt towards Spirit for not being there for us in the past.

I am currently working on expanding these articles into a book, which I would prefer to self-publish for many reasons. If the material resonates for you and you would like to support its birthing process by making a donation to help cover publishing expenses, ask questions, make a comment or simply get on the mailing list, please contact me at Donations can be made to that address via StormPay, or to IntGold ID 12022. Thanks for reading!

Peter Cloud Panjoyah, British Columbia, May 2004

All material copyright 1997-2004 Panjoyah

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