Panjoyah Poems

Fast... but it feels slow inside
   Tried to stem the tide, but
      no go
   Thick Scorpio
      pudding brain with a citrus finish
What will I find that
   I once did hide,
shovelling down a landslide
   in imbalanced cry
for help to fill the empty space,
or cover up the mess
   and relieve distress
      with a burp and a bellyful
So now I expect an exciting ride,
   tearing down the walls
      Of the habits denied;
the ones that say
'we're just trying to live here... never fear'
So what's on the other side?
   Powers? Darkness? Demons? Hardness?
Perched on the precipice, it's hard to see
   what other facets I will find of me
I've jumped now, but only starting to fall,
   free flying thru a never-never land
Surely God will lend a hand,
   helping hoist the heavy heft
      that I've hurt myself with here
So I give me three cheers
   for hearing the scary unfelt fears
      call to me from under the plate,
         for daring the hairy food-free state
For untold days I'm choosing to wait,
   and my cup will run over
I'll liquidly sate
   the hungry darkness --
      We've got a date!

copyright 1997-2002 Panjoyah

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