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Habitfree New Year!!!

Habit holidays, habit holidays, an' a
Habitfree new year! Habitfree new year!
To me. Well, what would that be
Like? As likely as not, habits will not be
Entirely forgot...Still I want to let a few
Lapse real soon, soon like Capricorn New Moon
Coming after next week's sing of Christmas tunes
While King Sol leads the way thru Saturn's land
She puts up Her hand and says, "Not so fast
And then moon comes tween on lucky day thirteen
And when moon goes black, you feel your lack"

So as the day arrives I give
Dead parts a chance to have lives
The ones they've never had with me
In our...brave body
A friend of yours is a friend of mine
Cap, I want to toe your line
And see what happens when I
Drop the heavy rocks watch them roll
And fall, fall from my walls
Walls full of habits, bricks so tall
And so I call on all to fall
Fall without so much as hope
Hope that they can cast a rope
Back around the rest of me
Who wants to see what we can be
Who wait like sheep, these outside parts
Who, if I sleep, turn into wolves
Who, if I fear I them, close my heart
Who kill me, change to poison darts
Who if I act out, close the shades
Who then feel no choice but to invade

Every habit I can find
See this one! It's kept me blind...
Blots my eyes from seeing true
Seeing that that me is you
And you is me...such symmetry!
So let them lapse and spring these traps
Let them bust to building blocks
Former keyless hopeless locks
Instead of guards to keep will out
They can be gourds where fae peep out!

Hee!! I'll lay 'em round and melt 'em down
And moult the mortar for foundation
And make a manse for habitation
And everyone who wants to stays
And cries and plays and screams all day
And never has to go away
And I'll need help from you know Who
Who don't care by what Name I call
So long as I do call at all
It's not so easy, Cap, my friend
Help me make it 'round this bend

copyright 1997-2002 Panjoyah

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