Panjoyah Poems
Media Games

Media games aren't tame
    Try to shove me into death
"Look out H E R E..!!!"
    They scream
In a silent evil tongue
    Evil because they use my own
Inner voice to fool me

    Zot thought
Slips in and out
    Like a creepy sneaky
    Siren of death.
"Come die again Mother" it is really saying
    "Come to dinner again, Heart" it hisses.

Use Indigo
Homeward that way lies
    Turn away from the flashing spies
Who've still got too much of you
    And use it to magnetize you
        Towards them and death.

If you think you can get in and get out again
    Without lost will increasing
Decreasing down there
    While you stay unaware
By the blue glare
    And the little or not-so-little
Black magic words
    Written on the big folding pages
        Of a newspaper -
            Think again.

copyright 1997-2002 Panjoyah

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