Panjoyah Poems
The following poem was written for and about two of the players in my birthchart:
Mercury in Pisces in the 5th, and Uranus in Leo quincunxing Mercury from the midheaven.

Piscean Ocean Creation
    Where have you been all my life?
Sent off to your room to
    Stand in a corner
Eyes welling with the tears of shame

Magic water child
    Come downstairs and hear
A story about yourself
    Told with an ear to the wild.

Thirstily playing in the sun
    That dry dusty dutiful day is done
No mirrors to look in who
    Would dare show your reflection
Cracked and parched
    Crushed and stretched
Into something only a shrill
    Screeching, screaming
Screed of a "father"
    Would find acceptable.

Consciousness now molded to a
    Fine lance point
Everything rounded kicked back
    Down the corridors of time
To languish in a lugubrious
    Lethargy of loveless lostness
No owned space in which to shine
    Your light,
South of where I lay lying low
    Trying but tricked by that
Overhead overbright bringer of night

Speak now your plight
    Can't not say it right
Come home and sit in my belly
    Or wherever you'd like
We'll have tea
    And pages of poetry
And warm the fire water
    With an air of groundedness.
We'll swim quickly together
    Around the sun
Or play together in an ocean
    Of dancing rain

Piscean emotion, loving devotion
    Come take your place in this life
Already in progress
    And I promise
To not forget again and
    Leave you flailing in a fortress
Of flawless design
    When clearly you're clamoring
To breathe from the
    Encircling brine.

copyright 1997-2002 Panjoyah

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