Panjoyah Poems
Signs of a New Spring

The spires that wire ever higher
The spires in the Moon of Fire
Salamanders running through the logs
Chasing thoughts like tails of dogs
That spin for fun and showtime
The fire sings tonight of desires
birthed and borne and burning bright
Uplifted, cast into the night
The lost side seen and claimed,
but how to get it back
stay on track by moving fears
fears and rages melt the frozen
tears between the pages
when all at cost was lost and
years bled red
tears became the green
for dance we are and dance we come
out on the fire's wave
hear tinkling chimes of owned crimes
we're now living what we save
and every time an angel gets his wings
in thumping drums a newborn comes
as heartbeat finds its joy
what have you missed in your lost bliss
is it girl or boy?
take a gander, Salamander
see what you create
we hope to save what you just gave
let's hope we're not too late

copyright 1997-2002 Panjoyah

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