Panjoyah Poems
Ode to Blue

The ferry folk have gone sailing, but the fairy folk are wailing
Some of them curtailing their quests for the question to be answered

No fancy lanced answers at this point in time please
No time left for the dancers, can't cram no more crimes, geez
Don't tease us no longer cuz your way is wronger
For me; but for you, oh you, denied blue,
Take your place in the spectrum, you're not the one who
Has the right to look over us all, your seat in the sky will look nothing
Like sky that I know, that I'll find in the still of my mind
And the now of my breath, in the center of time

Quit yer lyin', we don't believe it no more
We don't feel you've right left to stand at our door
Though you fancy you're free, your command is a bore
You're a still life, a ragamuffin, aren't you tattered and sore
From believing you're right in your right place.
We all snore! Yet still you believe
What you want is afore; before you commit to that path
You think best; notice the children of any age request you be in their rainbow
Snuggle right in, 'tween Indigo and Green
'Tween laughter and sin
But you struggle, oh struggle to prove that you're right
By controlling all everywhere, try to take them with you
I think you're lonely, I think you're blue
And beneath all that brash brazen brave little face
You fear you are running in the wrong race
So you crash and careen and clench to your love;
The other colours who, at this point, would shove
Your ass out to your future you so furiously feature
As a student you'd be better off than a teacher
But you won't believe me, you think you're the one
Who has all the answers, but you're not very much fun
All 'must do' and 'have to' and 'should be' and such
Catch you later boy, fuck you very much

These are just feelings, these are just thoughts
Still, we're not just denouements to your plots
Come to the rainbow, perhaps by and by
The sun can be held in an Indigo sky

copyright 1997-2002 Panjoyah

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