Panjoyah Poems
Ode To My Body

Body dear
    Is what's the Matter here
Surprised that I fear
    And feel you
        So very very near

Heart here cries out
    In the scare
Of not being able
    To serve you

O yes, serve You
    Let you lead
Stop making you
    My worker steed
Want and wish and need
    Call home reversed love
In lives which yonder bleed
Life force I need
On the uncaring sneering floors
How life outside me deplores you!
Calls you a useless weed
To be plucked and tossed aside
And lives ago I drowned in my pride
Made you slink away

Finally..--finally! Today
I could notice what I'd done
Once removed you from my sun
Sentenced you to cold and bitter ones;
Lost in barren warrens far from fun
        Wrong made and forgot

Fortuitously, a plot
    Weaved by One not
So very far removed from who you are
    Who bades me go far
To recover you who I'd sent to war
    For surely "I" did not want to go
And in my sleep let you be G.I. Joe
    But somehow, t'weren't too late
To notice all my long lost hate
    Which home converts to love.

O, once perverted dove
    Dive down deep into restful sleep
And bid today adieu
    Your bed is made anew
May your stay be comforting
    To the self so scorned for so long
Such a stuttering song
    You've flown many a far furlong
Now you can follow along
    As this Body flies and moves
And grooves to the fancied faeried
    Fetter-free future far-flung.

copyright 1997-2002 Panjoyah

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