Panjoyah Poems

Home of my land, home of my home
I say goodbye to you in a state of denial
For I have watched you grow
And me grow with you
And I'll be leaving in a while
And I'll be gone for a while

Your valleys and peaks
Your winding roads, which make no sense
To the foreign eye
You've got too many damn fences
Your rhythm and heartbeat's no longer mine

I once was your child
I once was your infant
I once was your screaming newborn
And now, I am wild

So be of good cheer
And release some of that rage
Take a walk in Hahvahd Yahd
Pahk the cah
Go onstage

You had many things, many charms, many blessings
I let go of them now, for they're mere window dressings
To the life I lead now
To the life I do seek
I'm so sick of your sirens wiring thru the streets

You piss me off, you make me scared
I escape now your warriors' lair
Your wallage and crumbling traditions of life
No longer suit me, they cut like a knife
You're much too fast, and I'm going slow
I'm starting to drop my shoulders, you know
My hips, my spine,
My burden of judgments and shame
I don't mean for you to take the blame
For it surely was me, it surely was best
But now it's time to empty the nest

I go far away, I go with a tear
With a fear, with a smile
With your system in my ear
My last Spring in your bosom
So recently found
Here on this sacred arborious ground

The land of my father, the land of my mother
The land of my sister, well, you've been some brother
I leave it blind, I leave a mess behind
I fall on my face, am I a disgrace?

You are the fatherland, you are my ex
Let go now, I leave you, to whatever is next
Perhaps a rising tide, perhaps the warm sun
I think it will heat up before we are done

You've given me comfort, hopes, dreams and memories
But now, you're a yoke
I seek my freedom, I seek my truth
I seek my path, tho it's no longer with you

I've remembered my warrior, remembered my purpose
Remembered my lover, now it's off to her place.
I have dreams in the night sky
Dreams of paradise
Will you know me when you look in my eyes?

I'll come to visit, I'll come to share
The gifts I have gotten, the language I bear
In my breast, in my life, in my ways, moving strife
From my ancient pasts, my times long ago
Do you really want to see me?
Do you really want to know me?
Do you really want to know?
I give you my swan song, now, as I go
My ode to Boston, "The Hub", don't you know

copyright 1997-2002 Panjoyah

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