Panjoyah Poems

Leaves growing green from Red Earth
    Watch you walk away
Return again to me
    Sometimes you root like a weeping willow tree
Bending dangerously in a strong wind

    I live the you you are to me
Taking cool shade under your canopy
    You're a conifer coming up
Somehow catching the cup
    Threatening to slip from your grasp
It having been placed in your branches
    By She
Who hears your cry
    A throaty rasp

All beauty unseen in your quivering grace
    As smiles belight a darkened face
The love of which so few eyes trace
    Can no one note the Earth's delight
When the warm breeze sprays raindrops
    Of magic living light
From the boughs of her sighs
    And the purity of truth in her eyes?
I can; I can sing
    Seems I've got the special decoder ring
Not nearly enough though, and rightly so
    For Leos need be lionized
        Above the status quo
By not quite so much as many
    Or just so few as one
Still, GoldenTree lies hidden
    In a forest far from sun
Building arks in secret
    Which is rarely often fun

So where are you when Love goes Blue
    And habits leave you gasping
I'll be here with my tree seen queer
    And our hands shall be a-clasping
You'll whistle your flute
As she bears your strange fruit
    Then you're off to see your wizard
This secret I'll bear
    With my hands in her hair
As he turns you into a lizard!

Inside with her now
    We are safe, sometimes sound
And the roar of the crowd goes on
    I'll just sit here and rhyme
Pick up pearls from the swine
    As she switches swift to a swan

copyright 1997-2002 Panjoyah

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