Panjoyah Poems
A Purple Fantasy

End of year, no end of tears
    Dry, to flow again
A thousand season cycles gone
    Gone, around the bend
Farther back than I can see
    Only feelings follow me
O'er the hills of long ago
    Longer than my mind can go

Gather close, ye olde ghosts past
    Shimmer in the hazy air
We come face to face at last
    I wish that most of you could clear
The glaze, the guilt, so gilded, girded
    Under there there's goose-down tears
You've been hindered, you've been herded
    Down hunted, harried, hurried years.

Share your stories, safe not sorry
    I am really glad you're here
They need not be carefully worded
    Meanings blend, careen, career.
You can offload cares and worries
    I know you've carried blurry blear
To the Father you're no stranger
    Having curried favor there.

Purple passion, pay the price now
    Parts you've played, so precious, dear
Pleasing princess Petronella
    Party's over, piper's near
Come and gather by the fire
    We've pots to piss in, everywhere
Your suits and dresses, curls and tresses
    Let your hair down over where
So many yesterdays have passed us
    All we're left with's moments sheer
Share your sorrows, cry and burrow
    So tomorrow has less fear.

Incorporate, don't deviate
    Sweetheart, don't you dare to sneer
A thousand windows to the wasteland
    Await the frenzied frantic deer
Wild-eyed dashing toward the door, but
    There's really no way out of here

Surrender will be sweet, my angel
    Join the forces mustered near
Falling into rings of comrades
    Release those strings, o puppeteer
Stop zot thought shots, lay down your laser
    Linger long and stay awhile
Breathe your life into your body
    Imbue your bounty with your style

All these thousand years, a story
    Written in the stars, the skies
Must get played out here on Earth now
    Crying truth, dissolving lies
Join me, won't you, purple playmate
    Sever all those bonds and ties
To ancient creaking crackling cronies
    Spill your guts, lest all else dies.

copyright 1997-2002 Panjoyah

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