Panjoyah Poems
Queen Of The Rainbow (Dying On The Floor)

Left unsaid, left unsung
Out in the cold on the bottom rung
Denied, defied, defiled, decried, undeified
We gave a berth wide
Around You whom we haven't wanted to see

Who are You
Whom even the poets scorn
Around whom the crows swarm
Lying and leftover whom
No one wanted to be

We laugh and clink, eat and drink
Pretending to be merry
'Cuz that's the way we are supposedly
While on the floor You stink
Squashed like a berry
Forgotten to be remembered
As a once invited Guest
And it used to be best
Knowing where He started
Soft as silk we in Her dwelt always
How warm and safe She felt
Encumbered, sensurrounded
Ensconsced so dreamily
Drifting while we'd slow be lifting
Eyes of curiosity
Bobbing, softly sobbing
In an endless briny sea

We were in You way back when.
Now, jumped out of the egg
And forgot who laid it
Made it bade it grow
Now I want to say to You
"It's me...
    I remember...
        I know... "

Inaction speaks louder than words
Emotions expressed are the birds
Who fly the twinkly twisted twigs
Unearthed from the mess
And fashion a nest
Where we might rest
Our weary bones
Once we come home
And undeny the unknown
Queen of the Rainbow

May all our tears water the seeds She's sown
And when we've finally grown
Up enough to pick Her up
From the muck and dust Her off
And say proudly to all ---
"This is my Mother in Whom I trust"
Then finally we must
Go home together again.

copyright 1997-2002 Panjoyah

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