Panjoyah Poems
Pot Of Rainbow Colors

'Twas three years ago today, when with
    Eyes & heart wide open I jumped into
        A warm waiting pool of soft ecstasy
The hard places came later
    But my skin always came to feel
        The caress of your loving arms again
Found I my true love, & the steady ground
    Under my changing feet.
        We are not just Earth and Foundation
But too, the stars just out of reach
    That are all our glittering dreams yet to unfold
        All that and in between comprising the endless depths
Of who we are together
    We are the Universe
        Magical and mundane
            Miserable and miraculous
                Wretched and written in the stars
The pot of gold is our birthright
    And we stumbled on it, gazing in awe at it, drawing finally from it
        Ever since, its supply of Loving Light sometimes gapped
            But never ending, always growing;
As we flesh out the colors of the Rainbow
    That draws all other fulfillable and fulfilled Desires
        To our treasure.
My love,
    My only love,
        My heart's mate
            My sanctuary
It all starts and continues from here.

copyright 1997-2002 Panjoyah

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