Panjoyah Poems
The Search for my Rage at Mother
(DaughterHeart Mother)

You cut me off at the knees
Before I could even scream
You said you were sorry
For having fed me to the lions

I heard you
And I forgave you
But I never raged you
Forgive me, my rage
My rage at Mother

I have left you in the dust
I have left you to smother
In hell; you have no place
You have had no place in me
They left me to the lions
And I must grieve, you see

Somehow I must contact you, my rage
My rage at the Mother
Whose yang is in a cage
That which says NO MORE
You say you're happy
You say you're thru
You say you're done

You're as happy as you can be
So maybe you aren't the one
Who's going to move the rage
So maybe it's someone below you
Someone who you cut off
You left adrift
Who could that be?

Anyway, somehow, I must find my rage at you
For handing me to the lions

copyright 1997-2002 Panjoyah

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