Panjoyah Poems

Jump up with a jerk
Can I get you what you need?
You seem to need me more than I do.
Of course you're bigger
Of course, you're better
You can't release me from my fetter
Cinch me up with the strands
I held to you in open hands
Which gladly you received
It's all I can perceive you be
Someone outside of me, looming large
While lying low I anticipate
Your every minute impulse to desire
"Fire! Fire!" Body yells
Stand up quick to quell the bells
As yet again the instinct wells
To serve that someone else.
But who's that there behind the line?
He looks bad. He's not divine
No brother's he of mine.
Thine hands demand a spic & span
House of white with shining fence
Everything so perfect kept
Of delay not a trace.
I want it now, so get thee hence
Can't tolerate a messy pace
Nor time have we for tears be wept
O nothing you have out of place
So clean like death you are to me
I resist that you have space
Tho stronger if I keep you be
I'll lose the world where I'd be free.
So I take my pieces back
That you've been tying round my neck
For holding you at bay.
Serve thyself, you say?
What was that? That can't be you
To me you say I need be true or else you'll come again?
To tie me down & back; screw that, then
I'll become my own owner

copyright 1997-2002 Panjoyah

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