Panjoyah Poems
Dark and Stormy Night

'Tis a dark and stormy night
    And it will still be
When the sun rises tomorrow
    Borrowing the sky from the clouds

Everybody draws the shrouds
    Shrinks and shrifts, shifty splits
Down the main drag to their hearts
    Hey, those are my parts!
Give them back - I didn't say
    They could come live with you.

Why can't you scream it proud
    Bang it loud, be outside the crowd
To whom you pledge allegiance
    In the agreement to shut up
That no one ever mentions.

It IS a dark and stormy night
    Will you notice yet that the wind is blowing?
Showing just what you need to live
    C'mon, give
Give it up, don't be so tough
    What's really rough is when
You get real; really squeal
    And maybe, care to heal, if you're lucky
Lucky enough to have a spark
    Not fueled by the stinging fires of the gap
Your endless trap
    Awaiting you with jaws agape
While you sit and wait
    Sit and wait
        Sit and wait
For "them" to fix it for you

Dark and stormy night
    Notice that you don't notice
What the weather is doing
Which is not a good place to hide
    Not anymore.
Cuz anyone who really knows the score -
    And there's so damn precious few of us
Who'd rather not discuss
    The rain or the wind or the cold
See, we're all blowing bold
    On the flames of the warm fire
        She brings.
Trusts us to take it all home
Tear by tear

Maybe we will form rings
    Of wild things
Who sing
    Of those with bad intent, and good
To bring this Earth out of a dark and stormy night
    Into endless light
To each in perfect measure

There...there's a treasure to behold
    Bring all the blessed ones
In from the cold
    By being dark and stormy
Stark; show me
    The way to go home
I'm tired and I want to wake up
    Make up our beds, our heads
So we can have refuge
    From the everlasting deluge
From the dark and stormy night.

copyright 1997-2002 Panjoyah

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