Panjoyah Poems
Thanksgiving (Let's Cry)

From a fast to a feast
   that direction, at least;
      But has opposition increased?
Don't think the pendulum's ceased

Does the rift widen 'fore it snaps shut
   On trapped gap, or healed heart
How can it survive there
   being itself, yet aware
of where danger lurks
   and that Mother's care
gently stroking your hair
   which weaves the strands
from Her to Him
   thru the valley of hurts
      and unfelt fears and uncried tears

They build the Holy Bridge
   which up to now's a holy war,
      a jihad of death,
         can't count the score
O, this unholy light
   still burning bright
      unredeemed, still blinds the sight,
The scourge and scurvy of this world
   and any other, whilst on the loose
      like some runaway caboose
         careening down a slippery slope

We need for Him to throw a rope
   so She can grab it,
      end the hope
of denied God's love
   of willess stillness
      still stuck in stodgy stunted stoppedness
         at the start of conscious choice
where choicelessness was chosen
   as the best way to be
And the chance for a dance
   with lusty life of everlasting love
evolving in spiral revolution,
   left unexamined, in exchange
      for the unchecked zoom...
but without the room
   She might create
He didn't trust that fate
   So now, we're left with a spate
      of spooked spirits spitting
while, in safety, some are sitting
   contemplating gratitude
in some semblance of listless lassitude
   following the feast

fallow sandy barren lands
look alien to harvest hands
Feel for the fall of the bombs
"in here" as "over there"...
   for the fear in the fallout
must needs be felt
   for the freedom foretold to fruit
and beHome the Heart
   who holds the help
to join the hands of She & He,
and we, the hapless, helpless herds,
to end the war
   with final score
      a tie.
Kiss your sister
   Hug your mister
      Tears of joy
         Let's cry.

copyright 1997-2002 Panjoyah

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