Shebook Poem #15
Stand By Me

Cold certainty down deep
Bothers me in my sleep
Knock knock jokes, go away
I want not what you give today
I care to share when I am ready
My lifelight burns yet none too steady
I cannot go those ways with you
I cherish life but 'tis not true
That I must give way to the power
Burning life force finest hour
Push me not, hold me softly
I move as triggered, as I cough
When cough I must but
Cannot stand the pressure beating
On my drums! Come come come
It pounds and booms and still my
Soul plays sad sweet tunes
No longer dare I miss the turns
For healing do I long and yearn
I want it! Now! I want it my way!
And don't tell me to hit the highway
Should I fail to dance the
Tunes you play. Goddam it,
I would have a say in
Healing's progress, path and rate
I will not hand to you my fate
I trust you not, I know you less
And in my blood I fear your tests.

This is not your ship to captain!
I am here too, I am queen here
For the present, I hold dear to
Path I chose as life should be.

Standoff? Squareoff? Stand by me
And I will shift my stance with thee.

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